Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara Review + Exciting News

For Christmas last year my fiancé got me the most amazing smelling perfume set. Tresor from Lancôme is a very sensual scent and is perfect for a night out! In the set also came a smaller, travel size version and a mini makeup set with a cute makeup bag to store your goodies.

In the makeup set I received a mini version of Lancôme’s cleansing oil, black pencil eyeliner, a lipstick, a cute blush and a sample size of their Hypnôse Drama mascara. I’ve been using this mascara on and off since then and feel I can give a detailed review! Let’s hop in.

I want to first talk about the wand. A lot of mascaras now have curved wands to better mimic the shape of an eye so your lashes are curled better. This particular wand, is shaped almost in a twisted position. I love the wand because it’s able to grab on to my lashes better separating while curling my lashes giving them a fuller appearance.

Here are a few photos that I’m wearing the mascara in:

I am also impressed with the lack of clumping you get from this mascara. While too much of any good thing can be bad, using the right amount will give you the perfect outcome every time.

A full size version of this mascara will run you $27.50. Lucky enough, Lancôme offers a travel size for $13.00! I am certainly in love with this mascara and will more than likely be purchasing the full version soon enough!

What is your favorite mascara? What do you like the most? Lengthening or fullness?

You can purchase the full or travel size of the mascara Here.

On to my exciting news!

To tie into my lash talk today, I thought it would be the perfect time to share about my partnership with the amazing Dodo Lashes! They offer a variety of lash styles at super affordable prices. I particularly love their lash in the style D309. Their lashes are priced from $5-$12. You can now save some money when you purchase from them by using my code “Melalynn” ! *As a disclaimer, I will earn a bit of money every time my code is used.* As an aspiring blogger and stay at home mom getting paid for my hobbies is definitely a goal of mine. I appreciate everyone who may use my code in the future!

This brand Collab was amazing to come across and I couldn’t have been chosen for it without everyone who supports me! Thank you all for stopping by!

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My Nightly Skincare Routine: 5 easy steps

I’m super excited to share my skincare routine and the amazing products I’m able to offer to help you get your skin in check as well! If you don’t know, about 3 months ago I made the decision to start my business offering health and wellness products that I had grown to love. I’m not only able to make an income from my hone, I’m able to help others with achieving their health and wellness goals, even help other moms and creatives also start up their own business and make an income from home or anywhere in the world!

Before I get too off topic, lets hop into my night time skincare routine.

Assuming this is a makeup day (which is definitely not everyday LOL) I take coconut oil on a cotton round and remove all of my makeup. Then, I take coconut oil on a q-tip to further remove any eyeliner that didn’t come off previously.

After I’m free of any makeup, I use my ItWorks gel-free, plant based cleanser to get rid of makeup, dirt, all of the debris of the day. What I love the most about my cleanser is the way it foams up. I KNOW, I KNOW I sound like a child. But who doesn’t LOVE how much cleaner you feel if your cleanser lathers into a huge white cloud?

I then, apply a little of ItWorks defining gel as a moisturizer. This is the most amazing product! It has a similar formula as our body wraps, so it tightens and tones your skin. So it helps tightens your pores. The light gel consistency perfectly moisturizes your skin.

Next, I use the PraySlayHustle  Hydrating lip oil. PraySlayHustle is a Black Owned skincare and make up brand, started by my friend Taylor. I recently was sent the Hydrating lip oil and was instantly in love! The oil is in a very compact tube. with a roller ball applicator that gets just the right amount of product out. It’s very lightweight and very moisturizing.

My last step is to spray my face with any beauty water of choice. I typically use rose water, cucumber water and more recently I’ve been using the PraySlayHustle Beauty Water .

These steps leave my skin moisturized and protected for the night!

If you have any questions about the ItWorks products listed, or would like to purchase or sample, please e-mail me at I’d love to get you on the way to clear, glowing skin!

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7 Positive Affirmations and Quotes for the Introverted SAHM

An introvert by definition is simply a shy person. For a mom with introverted tendencies it can almost be a hamartia. I’ve struggled with being an introvert my whole life. In school it was just something that kept me out of trouble. Since I stayed to myself it was easier to weed out “friends” that just wanted trouble. In my adult life however, I’ve found that it keeps me from making adult friendships, that it makes being a stay at home mom two times as hard, and keeps me from getting opportunities that a more extraverted mother would have no problems getting. This year I promised myself to get out there more. To build the confidence I need to just make other mom friends. Not feel too anxious about setting up a play date for my children.

Today I wanted to share a few of the positive quotes and affirmations I’ve been using to keep my mind focused on building positive relationships with others as well as myself! These quotes can of course be helpful to anyone, but my focus on the SAHM is what made me want to write it. Feeling the stress of being “alone” when all you have to do is go out and start a conversation with someone….anyone is a constant situation for me. And I wanted to share the words that put peace and confidence in my spirit! Let’s jump in.

I typically get my affirmations from Pinterest, or simple Google searches when I’m looking for a quick pick me up.

  1. I am doing a good job
  2. I am calm and peaceful
  3. ” there is nothing like a night of staying in and cuddling” _ Women’s Health
  4. “Put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together” -Elizabeth Taylor
  5. Embrace the Chaos
  6. “Courage is the power of the mind to over come fear” – Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. Wherever you go, go with all of your heart

I’ve found the best way to use these affirmations and quotes is to say them when i first wake up along with my meditation. Getting your mind clear and in the mindset to tackle the day is super focusing and refreshing!

I hope you all find time to get together a group of affirmations that can help boost and sustain your mind!

Till next time.

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Why I Am Not A Beauty Guru

I feel like this post is long overdue. Not just for my blog, but for my soul. For so long I’ve been in love, obsessed even, with makeup. The application, the skill, how different artists create… it’s been one of my favorite things for years now! I of course thought that since I love makeup so much, when I was thinking of starting my YouTube and blog I’d HAVE to be strictly all about makeup and skincare of course.

I found out fairly quickly that that was simply not my purpose. I struggled to create original content that was makeup related. I got tired of product reviews, wear tests, I couldn’t figure out why something I loved so much was so hard to consistently write about. I struggled to find my blogging voice because it was muffled in quotes of the back of packaging and quotes of my favorite beauty gurus opinions of what I was going to try next.

I wanted to talk about makeup, but that couldn’t be ALL that I talk about. I tried the “lifestyle” posts but I couldn’t find my own voice since I was simply seeing what my favorite bloggers were talking about and trying to put my own spin on the topics they posted about. I felt worthless as a blogger. Being a creative soul with no voice is very difficult. You want to fit in enough to gain an audience, but stand out enough that your readers/viewers actually enjoy your content.

This blog is my fresh start. To talk about whatever I want and not follow any standards. Is my blog all over the place? Yes. But, I’m finally creating content I’m proud of. Sharing my innermost thoughts, fears even. The beauty industry will always be apart of me, I am a cosmetologist after all LOL. I’ll always enjoy hair, makeup, and skincare. But, that’s not all I have to offer.

My realization of this was difficult, hence my blogging break to begin with. Finding my blogging voice was a process. You’ll never believe how many drafted posts I have of me just freestyle writing, trying to get comfortable creating and putting together a solid post that’s not beauty related. I want to challenge all small bloggers still looking for their voice to just write. I love that by not boxing myself in I’ll have a wide range of people I can connect with and talk to about different aspects of my life.

Till’ next time

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PÜR Cosmetics Quick Pro Glitters

Hey babes! So I was sent 3 of the Quick Pro Glitters from PÜR Cosmetics in the shades Queenie, Lust, and Namaslay.

The applicator for these liquid glitters is so small and sleek you could use it to apply on the go.

I was so tempted to dive in and play with them! I created these two makeup looks using the glitters in shades Namaslay and Queenie.

*glitter in Namaslay used*

*glitter in Queenie used*

I was super impressed with the pigments of the glitters. They are very opaque and one good swipe will cover your entire lid! The only con I can see is after a few hours of wear I got an insane amount of fallout. I haven’t tried to see if wearing a glitter primer would fix this problem, but that is my next step.

These glitters retail for $39 for a set of 5 which I believe for the quality is very reasonable. You’ll have these glitters for quite a long time since a little goes such a long way.

Huge thank you to PÜR Cosmetics for sending me these beautiful glitters *all opinions are my own*

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My February Goals

Hey loves! Honestly I’ve been feeling like January was taking it’s sweet ol time passing by. I was scrolling on twitter and saw one of those annoying retweet pages retweeted this:

I couldn’t relate to a tweet more! I spent my entire month of January planning for things and setting up things I wanted to accomplish in the months to come! So for February it’s time to set new goals and hold myself accountable! I’ve decided to set different goals for different aspects of my life so let’s hop in.


  • Drink 1 gallon of water a day
  • Take my HSN everyday
  • Start shakes in the morning


  • Upload every Monday and Friday
  • Preplan all content


  • Post 3 times a day
  • Preplan content


  • Figure out a schedule
  • Upload 3 times a week
  • Read and comment on 5 new blogs
  • Preplan content

I have a lot on my plate, but I know the only way to be successful is if I push through. I will be updating frequently on my progress through these goals and more of an explanation is to come!

Till next time

Joyce xo

✨My Reintroduction! Welcome To My Life!✨


Hello! And welcome to my brand new blog, Life With Mela Lynn. If you don’t know, I’ve had a previous blog called Neverchilllynn. I loved my blog, but I feel I boxed myself in as to what I could write about and what I was expected to post about. I chose to delete that blog and focus on my YouTube channel MelaLynn. I felt like there was still something missing. My blog had grown to be a huge part of my life, it was strange to me not posting, not writing. I wanted to blog again, but I wanted to figure out what it was I wanted to post about beforehand so I wouldn’t be in this same position next year … starting over. I’ve decided to not focus on beauty like my last blog and have my blog be more of an open diary. I want to share my favorite recipes, that diy mask I created, the awesome time I had on that trip. I want to share my life, my experiences. Yes I’m a HUGE beauty lover so I’ll be sharing makeup, but I won’t box myself in to where that is the focus.

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So, allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Joyce. A 20-something, stay at home mom, highlight fanatic, animal lover, vegan in training, wife to be, youtuber and life lover! I am a woman of many hats that I can’t wait to show and share with you all! I am of course open to any requests if there’s a tag or something you’d like to see my opinion on just let me know! I am so thankful for this fresh round with my blog I’m so happy with my plans so far, and I hope you all enjoy as well!

Until next time!
Joyce xo