Why I chose Easy Peasy All in One Online Homeschool Curriculum

As you know, making the decision to homeschool was not an easy task for me. But we decided overall that homeschooling would be best for our family at this season of our lives. Having officially made that decision, aside from getting familiar with our states homeschool laws the next step was to start picking out curriculum. In my last homeschool post, you can read here, I stated that I’d be building my own curriculum and teaching that way. Boy did I speak too soon. After searching the internet and library for days (and yes I mean days) I decided that building a full curriculum on my own was a lot to take on for my first homeschool year. I then started searching for pre-made curricula that wouldn’t break my pockets. I made sure to keep budget in mind as we don’t really know what to expect starting out so I didn’t want to blow a ton of money. In my search, I came across Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool . Easy Peasy (EP) was created by a homeschooling mom who took the time to put the curriculum she created for her children on a blog format for other homeschoolers to use. The best part? It’s completely FREE. Yes you read that correctly! Lee Giles a missionary mother who was called to homeschool and share not only her journey but her teachings with everyone! The curriculum is fully online based which works for my family as I want them to be as up to date with the world as possible. We are in a digital age where everything from books, music, newspapers and more have almost completely gone digital.

The EP curriculum is totally complete. So you don’t NEED to supplement at all (Of course check with your state laws as this curriculum is based on Lee Giles state laws). I will be supplementing for holidays because I know my babies would appreciate schoolwork that goes along with the seasons as well as holidays we celebrate. This curriculum is Christian based which is important to me. I went to a Christian based private school and being taught lessons God has laid out for me has stuck with me even in my adult life and I’d like to think that my children could benefit from that as well.

The curriculum covers preschool through high school which is incredible! I started researching homeschooling believing I could only possibly teach through middle school, but finding a curriculum that is always being updated and revamped completely through high school makes me believe it may be possible to teach my baby through their entire schooling if that is what I’m called to do. I haven’t found any negatives to the curriculum and I cannot wait to put it to use in the up coming school year!

I’ve posted a video on my YouTube channel showing my organization for our portfolio as well as a more in depth showing of our curriculum!

2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum 1st Grade| Portfolio Organization

What are your thoughts on an online based homeschool curriculum?

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