Diary Entry #2: I’m Doing my Thing

For just about my entire middle and high school career I was so sure that I wanted to be between a veterinarian or a hairdresser. I shadowed a veterinarian and loved every minute, but realistically I know I wouldn’t be able to handle the hard stuff. Having to tell someone that we needed to put their fur baby down or having an animal come in that simply didn’t survive whatever procedures needed would literally kill me! I’m a huge softy and animals for sure have my heart. That left me with becoming a hairstylist and of course one day owning my own hair salon.

I worked hard through my pregnancy with my daughter to finish cosmetology school and went on to earn my cosmetology license! I thought for sure that was the start of what I’d be doing for forever. My first actual salon job killed that dream for me. Working in the field and being in school was so different. People were mean. And as someone who wears my feelings on my sleeves I kinda decided if that was for me I’d get used to it with time. I came home everyday upset. I hated doing hair. So I packed up my hairstylist dreams and tried to figure out what my “thing” was.

It seems like everyone has a “thing” some people are great with people, others great with children, making sales, being super creative, the list can go on and on. But, I always wondered what my “thing” is. What is it that I’m meant to do. What is my passion ? I shared in a blog post earlier about finding my passion as a stay at home mom , and that post still stands. I wanted to come today and solidify for anyone that doesn’t have a thing. That you are more than likely doing your thing.

I had a conversation today, that sparked this post with a homeschool mom I met at the park. And what she said was so simple but it’s just stuck with me.

“… I came to a place where working and homemaking was crashing together. I needed to either be home, with my children or be in the workplace. My family was more important than any paycheck and we are doing better than ever.”

I’ve struggled with my decision to be a stay at home mom for a very long time. I have felt useless, overwhelmed, and stressed out. But I’ve also felt accomplished, loved, and true happiness. I’ve tried to start businesses and other side jobs in an attempt to earn a little something to help contribute, but in all honesty they’ve all been a bust. I’ll speak more on my experience with ItWorks in another post. When I divide my focus up too much I fall behind with housework I start feeling like I’m neglecting my children and it shouldn’t be like that.

With this being our first year of homeschooling I’m taking the time to focus, to plan ahead for a change, to make myself a priority, and to focus on my passion projects whatever they may be. This blog and my YouTube channel are projects I’ve tried to dive head first into instead of taking the time to develop a plan and an actual focus for them.

This is my “thing”. Well for now anyhow. Right now my heart is invested into my children, myself, my fiancé, and my passion projects.

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