How We Deschool

Deschooling is to abolish or phase out traditional schools from, so as to replace them with alternative methods and forms of education(Dictionary)

When we began to research homeschooling methods and terminology, it was definitely apparent that we needed to deschool. While my youngest (2) will have the benefits of being homeschooled from the very beginning, my oldest (6) has already attended pre-k and kindergarten in the public school setting. One of the most appealing things about homeschooling is the flexibility. We don’t have to sit at a table or desk for 8 + hours to really learn something. And one thing I want to be sure of is that I’m not trying to replicate school at home. I’ve read article after article and blog after blog on how detrimental having “school at home” can be.

Our methods to deschool have been so simple. While I hate to say it because it sounds a bit clichΓ©, playing is the best form of learning when dealing with elementary aged kids. These are a few of the fun, but educational, things we’ve been up to to deschool and prepare for our first actual homeschool year!

  • Math:Counting, adding, and subtracting toys
  • – how to still get math in without starting an actual curriculum? Let your kids play, ask how many dolls, trucks etc they have if you take ___ away. It’s simple and my youngest still kinda gets a lesson in just listening and playing nearby or with us!
    • Science: Helping cook, making slime, melting ice, boiling eggs

    -my oldest loves to help me cook. Following a recipe helps with starting to look at measurements. Making slime has been something my daughter has been super interested in. It helps with measuring again but also the fun of seeing how the ingredients change from liquid to slime has been interesting to explain! Melting ice and boiling eggs also show how the elements can change based on temperature, and the kids love boiled eggs so it makes for a good snack after.

    • Reading: library and read alouds
  • -pretty self explanatory. We go to the library weekly to play and read and check out new books. Every night I read a chapter from whatever book we are reading to my oldest. We are currently reading Animal Ark book series. My son picks up books throughout the day and asks me to read to him. So everyone gets some reading in.
    • Character building: Bible + real life

    – right now we are reading through a children’s devotional that I try my best to read daily to them. We also try to pick books that send a message. We are also getting a little real life lessons from helping my dad around the house while he recovers from a leg injury.

    • Responsibilities: Chores
  • – I’m in the process of setting up weekly and daily age appropriate chores for the babies, but for now my daughter is in charge of feeding the cat and my son is helping with cleaning up throughout the day.
  • We are set to start our school year September 4th so we still have quite a bit of deschooling ahead of us. We will continue to learn through play and just slowly incorporate our actual curriculum, Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, closer to our start date. Until then, fun learning!
  • How has your family deschooled? Or, do you just jump into the school year?
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