Wedding Update #1 | From Miss. to Mrs.

In exactly 41 days I’ll become Mrs. Holman! The excitement that is building up inside of me simply can’t be contained anymore! I haven’t updated on my wedding often, mostly because the process to elope for us isn’t as detailed as a traditional wedding, but all the feels are the same. We have our date which is November 8, 2018. I have my dress (unless I change my mind) and Reece has his suit. There have been a few changes as far as the venue. The original plan, has been ditched and we have now booked everything for our special day. We plan to keep the location and specifics to ourselves and close family until day of or just closer to our date.

We had agreed on the colors red, black and probably silver as an accent color. Well you can probably guess that that has also changed haha! I do not plan to wear a traditional dress. But I definitely ended up keeping the tradition to wear white. I decided to get a sew in to protect my natural hair while on our honeymoon. After the wedding we will be enjoying our honeymoon, again location will be disclosed later.

Planning a wedding is honestly so tiring. Probably another reason I knew I didn’t want a huge blowout. If you know me you know I’m a hopeless romantic. I’d marry my fiance in the middle of no where with no one there if it came down to it. Our love is what brought us to where we are today…well that and God….so to me, the only important thing is that he and God are present so I can profess my love for him to him and the Man above.

As our day gets closer, surprisingly my nerves slowly drift away as well. I absolutely cannot wait to spend the rest of my life raising babies, exploring, and loving my very best friend. I couldn’t imagine this life with anyone else.


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