2018 Fall Nail Polish Trends Ft. Ella + Mila Vegan + cruelty free Nail Polish

Mothers Day came with a huge surprise this past year. I won a giveaway from one of my fave cruelty free nail polish companies, Ella + Mila . Ella + Mila have a huge variety of nail polish, lip gloss and now liquid lipsticks in all shades. You can see my unboxing here, on my YouTube channel.

Out of all the shades that I received, the main ones that caught my attention were Holiday fling, berry much in love, and honeymoon bliss. Fun fact, Honeymoon bliss will be my wedding nail polish shade!

For my manicure I decided to stick to one of the popular trends of having a different pattern on both hands. I used the shades Holiday fling and berry much in love to achieve my first fall themed berry manicure. I used berry much in love as the accent shade to highlight the pattern difference between both hands. I loved how berry much in love pulls the purples and pinks and brings the colors together. These shades worked perfectly to transition my nails into fall!

Ella and Mila are affordable and eco friendly! My favorite product has to be their soy nail polish remember, their polishes as well as their glosses! You can find Ella and Mila products in over 500 Targets nationwide! Or here at www.ellamila.com.

How are you transitioning your nails into fall? What are your favorite fall shades for this year?


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One thought on “2018 Fall Nail Polish Trends Ft. Ella + Mila Vegan + cruelty free Nail Polish

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  1. I remember when you did an unboxing for a few of the Ella + Milla nail polishes on YouTube! I like all of the colors and the fact that they are cruelty free. Honestly I haven’t even thought about transitioning my nail color into fall shades. But …if I polished my nails enough I sure would! 🙂


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