5 Bad Pieces of Advice I’ve Gotten Since Being Engaged and My Thoughts on Them

I tweeted about how I had gotten some pretty wild advice since I have been engaged and the responses were super unanimous that I NEEDED to blog about it! SO here we are! Today I’m sharing with you all the 5 WORST bits of advice I’ve gotten since being engaged. I also thought I’d give you all a little insight of how I took this advice as well!

  1. “Enjoy yourself while you’re still technically single” – I mean what exactly does this even mean??? I’m in a committed relationship LOL what is it expected that I “enjoy” before we head down the aisle?
  2. “Never speak negatively about your husband” – This is one that can low key be great advice as well, but it all comes down to the context of how its given. I would absolutely NEVER speak down on Reece to just whoever. BUT, I think it is very important to be an open book to your spouse. I let him know when I feel a way about him, and he doesn’t hesitate to let me know about myself. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  3. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”- Honestly do I need to elaborate? Who recommends SPACE to a married couple? Separation in relationships is hard no matter the reason. and I’m not talking about “Me time” This lady recommended me getting a hotel room to myself once a month for space away from my husband like…. whattttt???
  4. ” Marriage will be easy if you really love each other”- First of all sis…. relationships in general are not easy. Two people coming together as one will NOT be easy. Just how you may have disagreements in your relationship you’ll have them in marriage. This personally made me raise a brow cause sis I wouldn’t dare equate the love in my relationship to the disagreements. You’ll disagree, talk about it, forgive if you must, and move on. I never let our disagreements change my mind about how much Reece loves me… that’s silly talk.
  5. “Always put the kids first” – At first glance i know ya’ll are probably like “Oh, see now you lost me” But hear me out. I LOVE my kids. I will always sacrifice when I have to and do what is best for them. But when they turn whatever age, and move out who’s left? I’m just saying…. I plan to prioritize my marriage. The kids for one, learn their life lessons from watching their first teachers, Reece and I. In order to be of good example what better way to show them love, respect, loyalty, how to communicate, how to solve problems and more than showing them though our interactions with each other!

Overall, I’ve actually gotten so much love and great advice from married couples. I’ll  share the good advice after we are married.

What is the worst marriage or relationship advice you’ve ever gotten?




6 thoughts on “5 Bad Pieces of Advice I’ve Gotten Since Being Engaged and My Thoughts on Them

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  1. Girrllllll!!! My fav is your 20’s should be spent living your life. Ummm am I dead now? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Do you girl!! Love your hubby and your kids!! Marriage is a God given blessing that our generation has strayed from. There’s nothing wrong with y’all wanting to do it right!

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  2. The first one cracked me up! Like you’re in a relationship regardless if you’re engaged or not. I really don’t understand why people say that like you aren’t supposed to talk your relationship seriously. Great post 👏🏾

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