3 Things I’d Like To Achieve By The End of The Year

We are about a month and some change away from 2019. Doesn’t that just SOUND crazy? I hate to say it, but this year flew by. I have been in the process of figuring out what I’m even doing haha. So when I started looking back at 2018 I kind of realized it was nothing for me to really see growth on because I hadn’t set myself any goals to reach for. Which of course is super disappointing now, but there’s no better time to start reaching for a goal than the present. SO I decides to make a list of 3 things to achieve before 2019.

  1. Consistently drink 1 gallon of water a day- I have been doing well with this for the past month. So in order to keep it a part of my routine I want to be more consistent with drinking the full gallon and not stopping when I’m almost to my goal.
  2. Revamp my YouTube banner and intro- I’ve really been discouraged the past year with my content in general. I have slumps that last months, but sometimes I do have awesome post ideas that still end up being a flop. 2019 is the year I want to use to see if being a content creator is even really for me. But before I do that I need to revamp my sites and really put my best foot forward consistently.
  3. Set 3 personal goals for 2019- As you guys know, I’m officially a wife. Now while that hasn’t changed anything as far as my at home life and relationships it made me think about my personal growth. This new chapter is so cool and awesome. The biggest advice I’ve been given more recently is that even though marriage made us “one” I still need to focus on myself and growth as an individual. I want to be sure to set goals that help me be a better me inside and out.

So these are my 3 goals I want to achieve before this year is out. Will I achieve all of my goals? You’ll have to catch me in an update post to see !

What are some things you want to get done before 2019? Let me know in the comments below!


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