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Our First Week of Homeschooling

I cannot believe our first week of school is complete! After preparing myself for months, it all came down to Tuesday September 4th. I have pretty much solidified our schedule so that we wouldn’t have to scramble on what to do on the morning of. On the first day, I woke up at about 6 in excitement for the day. I reviewed our schedule, started breakfast, and sat myself down for my own personal meditation/bible time. This time has proven very useful, especially since I’ve noticed I wake up everyday with that same first day excitement and need to calm down before the kids wake. Since I chose our curriculum before we started, you can read about that here , I basically had our whole day planned out for us.

Heres a look at our first day of homeschooling!

The day went fabulously! We have been having so much fun learning and exploring together. While some of our day does resemble school quite a bit, I noticed over the summer that the lack of structure would have been way to much to continue and school through. I’m learning so much about my children that I didn’t get to experience because Kay was in public school. The most noticeable change was adding more household chores to Kays daily schedule. The only way I could see housework and school being completed was if I got more help with housework. Simply giving her a little bit more responsibility has taken a great load off of me which id like to say helps me get it all done better.

Overall the first week went very well. We covered all subjects with minimal objections. And would you believe it if I told you 3 out of the 4 days, we finished school BEFORE 12 noon! I’ts absolutely insane how much we can get done in such a short amount of time and that’s with us taking our time and not rushing at all! The Easy Peasy curriculum has been a dream. It is so easy to access and the work load is not too much that Kay feels like it can’t be done. I’ve seen a confidence in Kay I’ve never been able to see and this is what homeschooling was about for me. To grow closer to my babes, help them develop and grow their relationship with God, and to help mold them into great people.

Have you ever thought about homeschooling your children? What is a typical homeschool day like for you all?


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How We Deschool

Deschooling is to abolish or phase out traditional schools from, so as to replace them with alternative methods and forms of education(Dictionary)

When we began to research homeschooling methods and terminology, it was definitely apparent that we needed to deschool. While my youngest (2) will have the benefits of being homeschooled from the very beginning, my oldest (6) has already attended pre-k and kindergarten in the public school setting. One of the most appealing things about homeschooling is the flexibility. We don’t have to sit at a table or desk for 8 + hours to really learn something. And one thing I want to be sure of is that I’m not trying to replicate school at home. I’ve read article after article and blog after blog on how detrimental having “school at home” can be.

Our methods to deschool have been so simple. While I hate to say it because it sounds a bit cliché, playing is the best form of learning when dealing with elementary aged kids. These are a few of the fun, but educational, things we’ve been up to to deschool and prepare for our first actual homeschool year!

  • Math:Counting, adding, and subtracting toys
  • – how to still get math in without starting an actual curriculum? Let your kids play, ask how many dolls, trucks etc they have if you take ___ away. It’s simple and my youngest still kinda gets a lesson in just listening and playing nearby or with us!
    • Science: Helping cook, making slime, melting ice, boiling eggs

    -my oldest loves to help me cook. Following a recipe helps with starting to look at measurements. Making slime has been something my daughter has been super interested in. It helps with measuring again but also the fun of seeing how the ingredients change from liquid to slime has been interesting to explain! Melting ice and boiling eggs also show how the elements can change based on temperature, and the kids love boiled eggs so it makes for a good snack after.

    • Reading: library and read alouds
  • -pretty self explanatory. We go to the library weekly to play and read and check out new books. Every night I read a chapter from whatever book we are reading to my oldest. We are currently reading Animal Ark book series. My son picks up books throughout the day and asks me to read to him. So everyone gets some reading in.
    • Character building: Bible + real life

    – right now we are reading through a children’s devotional that I try my best to read daily to them. We also try to pick books that send a message. We are also getting a little real life lessons from helping my dad around the house while he recovers from a leg injury.

    • Responsibilities: Chores
  • – I’m in the process of setting up weekly and daily age appropriate chores for the babies, but for now my daughter is in charge of feeding the cat and my son is helping with cleaning up throughout the day.
  • We are set to start our school year September 4th so we still have quite a bit of deschooling ahead of us. We will continue to learn through play and just slowly incorporate our actual curriculum, Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool, closer to our start date. Until then, fun learning!
  • How has your family deschooled? Or, do you just jump into the school year?
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  • Why I chose Easy Peasy All in One Online Homeschool Curriculum

    As you know, making the decision to homeschool was not an easy task for me. But we decided overall that homeschooling would be best for our family at this season of our lives. Having officially made that decision, aside from getting familiar with our states homeschool laws the next step was to start picking out curriculum. In my last homeschool post, you can read here, I stated that I’d be building my own curriculum and teaching that way. Boy did I speak too soon. After searching the internet and library for days (and yes I mean days) I decided that building a full curriculum on my own was a lot to take on for my first homeschool year. I then started searching for pre-made curricula that wouldn’t break my pockets. I made sure to keep budget in mind as we don’t really know what to expect starting out so I didn’t want to blow a ton of money. In my search, I came across Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool . Easy Peasy (EP) was created by a homeschooling mom who took the time to put the curriculum she created for her children on a blog format for other homeschoolers to use. The best part? It’s completely FREE. Yes you read that correctly! Lee Giles a missionary mother who was called to homeschool and share not only her journey but her teachings with everyone! The curriculum is fully online based which works for my family as I want them to be as up to date with the world as possible. We are in a digital age where everything from books, music, newspapers and more have almost completely gone digital.

    The EP curriculum is totally complete. So you don’t NEED to supplement at all (Of course check with your state laws as this curriculum is based on Lee Giles state laws). I will be supplementing for holidays because I know my babies would appreciate schoolwork that goes along with the seasons as well as holidays we celebrate. This curriculum is Christian based which is important to me. I went to a Christian based private school and being taught lessons God has laid out for me has stuck with me even in my adult life and I’d like to think that my children could benefit from that as well.

    The curriculum covers preschool through high school which is incredible! I started researching homeschooling believing I could only possibly teach through middle school, but finding a curriculum that is always being updated and revamped completely through high school makes me believe it may be possible to teach my baby through their entire schooling if that is what I’m called to do. I haven’t found any negatives to the curriculum and I cannot wait to put it to use in the up coming school year!

    I’ve posted a video on my YouTube channel showing my organization for our portfolio as well as a more in depth showing of our curriculum!

    2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum 1st Grade| Portfolio Organization

    What are your thoughts on an online based homeschool curriculum?

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