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Diary Entry #1

Hey loves,

Today’s post is a more informal post. Today is about just chatting and whatever comes to mind really. Two weeks ago my family adopted our fur baby Ash. This little 9 week old ball of fluff has seriously flipped our household upside down. Ash sleeping

Kay and Nugget have seriously fallen in love with this little guy. He has a huge personality despite his tiny stature. You can follow Ashs’ life with us via his Instagram !

My fiancĂ© surprised me last week with beautiful roses and this card. I am seriously so grateful for that man. As young parents, the romance and spontaneity is sometimes a fleeting memory. But it’s important to always date your significant other, and I’m glad I have a lover that also knows we have to keep the romance alive even when family life gets hectic.

Last week a post on why I chose our online homeschooling curriculum, which you can read Here, went live and I got some awesome feedback on my blog as well as Instagram to continue to document our journey and I fully intend to do so. Within the next 2 weeks or so, Kay’s public school journey will come to an end for now and we will officially be on the homeschool path. I’m filled with nervousness and anxiety about the future. I’m pretty sure it’s a normal feeling. I’m so excited to spend time learning with my babies and exploring the road homeschooling will take us.

I don’t have much more to talk about today. This past weekend was very relaxing. We went to Ikea and purchased a new dresser which you can see in a vlog that will be on my YouTube channel you can find Here.

I’ll soon have a post about our bedroom decor and decor ideas and inspiration so it will be revealed in its new place soon.

Would you all like to see more posts like this on my blog? Let me know below.

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