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My experience as an ItWorks Distributor

Hey babes! So today I’m finally writing this post that has been long overdue. I was unsure on how to approach writing this post so I decided to start with a disclaimer.

The information in this post is what was given/taught to me. It is strictly my own experience as that’s all I can speak on. Other people have other experiences. This is mine. This post isn’t to bash any one or brand, but to share my experience.

Now that we have that out of the way lets jump in!

The Beginning

I, like many other people, have been bombarded with direct marketing recruitment pretty much since the beginning of having social media. I typically would just block whoever and move about my day. Lets start my experience at about 3-4 years ago. That was my first time having a personal relationship with someone who participated in direct marketing. My fiance’s coworker has her own business with the company itWorks. For quiet sometime she’d ask my fiance and I about trying some of her products or me actually becoming a distributor and I’ll be honest, we were not interested AT ALL. I have had my own thoughts on direct marketing which include:

  1. I’ts a scam
  2. The recruiters are typically super annoying and very invasive

I’ve always come across people in the blogging community that have direct sales side bizzes and I’m honestly amazed by how many people I see rocking it! After having several conversations with my fiance on what to do as far as the constant itWorks conversations between ourselves and his coworker I took it upon myself to reach out to a few bloggers I had already on my Instagram to ask them for their experiences as far as the products as well as actually being a distributor. Everyone was super sweet of course, but something I picked up on right away was feeling like they weren’t REALLY answering my questions. Everyone I reached out to made it seem like they were holding on to the Krabby Patty formula! I kind of understood at first, seeing as though this is their BUSINESS I know no one wants to go around giving out free access to how they are making their income…i guess. I just felt like asking what their thoughts are on their company NOW as apposed to when they started wasn’t asking for much.

After getting seriously little to no information I decided to try the products. The first thing that I found super off about the company? You have to buy  for three consecutive months to get the lifetime “discount”. I still can’t wrap my mind why I’d have to buy something 3 months in a row that I don’t know if I’ll like, don’t know if i’ll have a reaction to just don’t know anything about. While yes you can switch out the products every month, what if you only had interest in one product and it didn’t work out for you? Well you’ll be automatically charged for the product and if you cancel your 3 month subscription? You’ll be charged the price of the product PLUS a $50 fee! Like WHAT?! The next thing that didn’t add up? The lifetime discount. 

I was mainly interested in the HSN (hair skin and nail vitamins) especially since I had just big chopped my hair for hopefully the last time, so that was what I wanted to try as my first product. The vitamins are $33 for one month of product using the lifetime discount. When you purchase from ItWorks, you have to sign up for the 3 months OR pay a $50 membership fee for automatic lifetime discount. I mean you can see where I’m going with this right? $33×3. $99+ for three months of hair vitamins I may not even like!! It was automatically a no go for me. The HSN is $55 WITHOUT the membership! Do you see where I’m going?! It’s insane!!! I was taking a $10 vitamin from Walmart and was honestly doing just fine.

My fiancé’s coworker would check in to see if I was still interested and I was so turned off by the price I just couldn’t bare to tell her that. So when ItWorks was having a sale for the HSN I went ahead and made my first purchase. Shipping was pretty fast, it was nicely packaged for shipment so I was super excited. The first month using HSN my hair grew a little over an inch which was nice. And it helped with my postpartum hair thinning.

So let’s fast forward to the second month. At this point I was automatically charged the $33 as I signed up as apart of the 3 month challenge to avoid the $50 charge. At this point I was interested in the business part only because as a SAHM any extra income is definitely a plus. So I signed as a distributor.

The process for signing up is simple. I was super excited to be doing something that could potentially add a little extra income to our household. It’s $99 + for the distributor kit which at the time included a package of their infamous wraps which are $99 without the discount and $59 with the discount, mini defining gel samples, fab wrap( which only holds the wraps in place), and a ton of marketing flyers. You also got the first month of your website for free($20 after the first month)!

What wasn’t disclosed prior to me signing up, was what exactly I had to do.

The Fees

So as I mentioned before, the website was $20 a month. Not bad but it’s not a customized website. It just simply has your name on it. In order to see any income, you have to sell $150 worth of products OR run an autoship of 80 bv (essentially $100 worth of products a month). If you know me, you know I don’t just spend spend spend. If I need it or I know I’ll be using it I’ll purchase.

The Work

My “training” was included in my website it seemed good but didn’t describe in enough detail TO ME what I was supposed to be doing. My team met via Zoom a digital conference and basically I was told to send out x amount of messages to all of my family and friends asking them to support. For one my family wouldn’t be interested and I knew that and friends?! I have two. And they did support which I’m super grateful for. The next steps were to add x amount of people daily on social media, send them x amount of messages and keep “checking up” on wether they were going to purchase or not. The same thing I was SO annoyed about with direct marketing was what I was supposed to be doing. I did at first. But after about a week I was getting annoyed with myself. I reached out to my ” team” to ask for better strategies on reaching clients but they only told me to continue what I was doing. Which to me didn’t make sense. It’s not me. I’m not the type of person to bombard you with messages. I’m just not.

So I stopped. I didn’t attend the “meetings ” I didn’t message people I just didn’t. I tried to reach out to other bloggers who I thought would help me but just as before they were tight lipped and didn’t want to help because I wasn’t “under” them. There’s a rank system and because I wasn’t apart of their team people would literally delete me, unlike my pictures, and block me. Yes you read that right. I’ve always supported people in direct sales by liking their pictures and supporting their content because I like to. I like to genuinely show support. But I was learning fast that once you’re apart of the business people only see you as competition. I was seriously confused and upset over how many people I’ve supported over time that we’re just deleting and blocking me over the fact I wasn’t on their team.

The End

I slowly started showing the ItWorks products less and less and eventually stopped using them all together. Over the months I had spent roughly $500 and only saw maybe $100 income. In my personal opinion it just wasn’t worth it. And to top that off, it left such an ugly taste in my mouth that I joined something to Conner with other moms in the business just for people to not even attempt to be nice to me. I felt used as well as when I made my concerns known to my “team” letting them know I was done I didn’t get the same feeling anymore. It went from them messaging me daily to see how I was and my family to no communication almost at all. So I distanced myself. I deleted a lot of people and cleared what I felt was toxic energy.

While many people have great experiences with the company I wasn’t one of them. And I don’t foresee myself trying to build my business again but if I do I’ll definitely contain myself. I don’t want that same energy around me this time.

Have you tried any ItWorks products? What was your experience?

Till next time! 💜

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