3 Things I’d Like To Achieve By The End of The Year

We are about a month and some change away from 2019. Doesn't that just SOUND crazy? I hate to say it, but this year flew by. I have been in the process of figuring out what I'm even doing haha. So when I started looking back at 2018 I kind of realized it was nothing... Continue Reading →


Why I’ve Decided to Homeschool

Hello my loves, for those who may not know, I have a very happy two year old son and a very smart 6 year old daughter who is now in her last months of kindergarten. Over the past two years of her schooling we have encountered the many highs and lows of the public school... Continue Reading →

My February Goals

Hey loves! Honestly I've been feeling like January was taking it's sweet ol time passing by. I was scrolling on twitter and saw one of those annoying retweet pages retweeted this: I couldn't relate to a tweet more! I spent my entire month of January planning for things and setting up things I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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