Wedding Manicure 💅🏾 ✨

I absolutely love getting my nails done. I don't do it often enough but it's honestly just so relaxing to get done. I usually get acrylic tips and standard polish or gel on occasion. But for my wedding nails I wanted something different. I spent the month before the wedding attempting to grow out my... Continue Reading →


The Final Update: Our Wedding Details

I can hardly contain my excitement as I type this! This is the final post of wedding updates. The days have seemed to pass so slow, but now that we are in the final stretch its like it was here in no time. As you're reading this, my fiance and I are boarding the plane... Continue Reading →

The Halloween Tag

With Halloween literally around the corner, I thought what better post to work up than the Halloween tag! Lets hop in! Favorite horror or Halloween themed song? The Michael Myers theme is my absolute fave! 2. Have you ever played with a Ouji board? ABSOLUTELY NOT! 3. Are you superstitious? Not at all. 4. If you were dared... Continue Reading →

September Review

Happy October my loves! I wanted to start back blogging and get back to creating so I thought that a perfect post to start back with is a mini glimpse into the past months highs and lows. To kick the month off the kids got to spend some time at our local fair with my... Continue Reading →

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