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June Bullet Journal Set Up

I’ve officially begun preparing myself to bullet journal again! If you’ve been following my journey on my past blogs, you know that I have a love hate relationship with bullet journaling. Some days it was so easy to wake up, review my bullet journal and go on with my day. But when life got hectic with us moving and school starting back up, I lost my motivation to journal. So with the homeschool year just a few months away I thought this would be the perfect time to start getting more organized and buckle down with my journal! Today I’m sharing my June set up!

This journal was from TJ Max for about $4.00! While it may not be the journal typically used for bullet journaling, I found that it works just as well and gave me enough space to fit what I needed

Read aloud book list

I didn’t start my journal with a key and index. I figured come January I’d want to migrate to a new journal so that I can have one notebook for 2018 and a separate one for 2019. Instead, I started my journal with a read aloud book list. As we go through the books, I’ll simply cross them out or make boxes and check the boxes off.

Month at a glance & goals

Second, we have my month at a glance. It’s not super pretty or super decorated. I’m no artist haha! But I do plan to glue some decorative photos soon enough. I simply wrote the month in the center of the page and the dates in a straight line down and wrote in any important dates and highlighted them.

I decorated the pages with this rainbow washi tape from the thrift store.

The bottom of the page I separated out for my monthly goals. This month I kept everything super simple since it’s my first spread back.


The next page is dedicated to my tracker for the month. I’ll simply put a dot when I fill it in and connect the dots as I go creating a line graph. The habits this month are simple things just to get back into the groove of tracking. I’m tracking my water intake, when I wake up at 5:30, drinking my ACV drink and how often I’m reading the Bible.

Stats and Posts

The next section is to keep track of my blog and YouTube posts and post ideas as well as my YouTube stats. I think it will be pretty cool to look back and see the growth in the future!

Summer Bucket List

I plan on writing things down that I want to do this summer and marking them off as we accomplish them.

Weekly Spread

Last but not least is my weekly spread. Again very simple. I’ve just marked down the same events from my month at a glance on their perspective days.

That’s my June spread so far! Do you keep a bullet journal? Let me know below!

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